I am reading this book by Sharon Betcher, slowly, since she is confronting me with my own entanglement in the religious and economic systems of capitalism, prosperity-Gospel, and the need for healing to be made normal.

She writes: Perfect love casts out fear. “If perfect love casts out fear, including the fear that we hide in our structures of exclusion of persons with disabilities and our assumptions about the pathetic passivity of the needy, devitalized other, then the work involved here has more to do with removing an affective mechanism of exclusion within liberal humanism than with fixing or curing the disabled. A truer humanitarianism opens out hospitable, generous psychic spaciousness–free from horror, fear, pity, disgust, and avoidance, free from insisting upon one’s own way, especially the way in which economics lodges its demands in the image of the self.”

“Transvaluing Spirit from guarantor of miraculous remediation (with its overinflated ideals of what makes life livable) toward the recognition of persons living the variability and vulnerabilities of bodies with real presence to life can allow Christians to get inventive about subjectivities that take their leave of contemporary, englobing capitalist economics.”

“Rather than admitting how differently abled we all are and how the ingress of time, environment, and work affect the life of the body, we protect a certain transcendentalized version of the body and of life as average or normal. In this way, disability, like so many other modern binary categories–straight/gay, male/female, black/white, rich/poor–is part of an ideology of containment and a politics of power and fear.”

I feel a Pentecost coming! A rainbow diversity free from binary categories with a real presence to life.

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