“Here’s what I have to say to American liberals and leftists: instead of listening to the strategists, who don’t believe it’s possible to dramatically change our society, can we finally be bold and listen to the artists and the outsiders and the radicals and the freaks and the avant-garde and the base and the youth and the anarchists and all those who don’t want to do business as usual with the limousine liberalism of both the elite Democrats and Republicans? Can we listen to the dreamers instead of the doubters? ” (Viet Thanh Nguyen)

imageI do not call myself an anarchist, but I follow ones who are and were–Jesus, Dorothy Day, and a few others. I am still called to be a pastor who helps others hear the voices on the margins, who don’t want to be a part of business as usual. I believe that for the church as well as for this country. I do know that the business-as-usual powers will not give up their power easily. I remain committed to the struggle for the long haul, although, at times, you may hear words come out of my mouth that might suggest otherwise. It seems that I have a hole inside of me that wants to be filled with some positive feedback for my “outsider” stands. When I don’t receive it I can quite easily despair. My friends hold me accountable. I’m grateful for them. My daughter and my husband hold me accountable and I am so thankful for them.

I am thankful for the radicals, the freaks, the queer ones who continue to make their way in this world, who continue to be creative, continue to teach and fight with art and words, with body and soul to make a way in the places where there seems to be no way. It is possible to make change. It is possible for the Spirit of God to change hearts. That is what I’m counting on this Thanksgiving.

In these last weeks before closing the church where I currently pastor, into our worship comes a beautiful mother with her three daughters, ages 11, 9, and 7. These girls have a most amazing spirit of hopefulness and eagerness. They want to help serve, they want to be counted. For these girls and their mom, I am most grateful.


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