“Where Does the Spirit of God Hover?”

The cover of Sonali Deraniyagala’s book “Wave” is black with the simple title printed in the center a turquoise color fading to white on the “v” and “e” letters. The cover image reminds me of a Tim Lowly painting, titled “Face of the Deep.” The painting is of a young Temma Lowly sleeping and two […]

This Body

  “Do you believe some essence of your Dad can see you?” I asked this question of Tim when we were relaxing out of the rain in an Argo Tea shop downtown Chicago. Thinking of my own Dad, death, and after-life, my question came out of these thoughts. “And what is meant by the phrase […]

He Is Risen

My Dad died this morning at 11:30 a.m. My Mom was at his side. He lived a long life, he just turned 89 years old but the last few years he was not healthy and dementia was eroding his mind. Tim and I arrived at the facility where they live just 10 minutes after he […]

The Oxford Temma

Temma and I together in Itasca, Illinois while her Papa, Tim, is in Oxford with the painting “The Oxford Temma” as a gift to the St. Luke Church Community there. The photo of Temma and I on Tim’s computer screen with “The Oxford Temma” painting in the background brings to me some embodiment of my […]